Good, Bad and Ugly of Financial 2011-12

Oct - 01

Good, Bad and Ugly of Financial 2011-12

It has been a long time since, I wrote anything, this financial year! This was one of my excellent years with great interactions with a lot of people. I decided to end by adding a list of Good and Worst of my experiences of this year:

Good Famous Tamil Movie: Endiran, 7am Arivu, Manmadan Ambu
Worst Famous Tamil Movie: Rajapattai, velayutham, Mangattha

Good Service: Air India
Worst Service: Big Cinemas, Coimbatore

Good Deal: (Motorola Xoom)
Worst Deal: (Invalid Cafe Coffee day Coupons)

Good (Current) Gadgets: Samsung S2 / Motorola Xoom Tab
Worst (Current) Gadgets: Autoclean Robot Cleaner

Good (Next) Gadgets: iPad3 / Tegra Quadcore Android Tablets/ iPhone 5/Samsung s3/ Amazon Blaze Worst (Next) Gadgets: Blackberry?/ Low speed cheap Phones?

Good Tech.(In): Tablets, Wireless Tech, Integrated Devices
Worst Tech.(Out): Laptops, Cables, Individual Devices

Good Trips: Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad
Worst Trips: Gurgaon, Noida

Good Completed Achievement: ISO Implementation at a Bank
Worst Incomplete Task: Ph.D Registration

Good People I met : Sudharshan Madhyam(ISC), Prafulla Mathur (Queppelin), Dr.Venkatesh (Wipro) Worst People (did not meet) : The guy who stole my wallet

Good Gains: New Great friends and Newly born nephews
Worst Loss: Unable to lose any weight.

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