Continual Service Improvement 2 of 2: The Processes

Nov - 12

Continual Service Improvement 2 of 2: The Processes

There are 3 processes underContinual Service Improvement. They are the  Service Measurement, Service Reporting and the 7 Step Improvement Process
However, there are few more aspects of CSI, which are important. viz. CSI Model and the overlapping SLM & Knowledge Management processes.
1) Service Measurement and Reporting:

To coordinate the design of metrics, data collection and reporting activities from the other
Points to remember: 
  • 4 main reasons to monitor and measure: To Validate, To Direct, To Justify and To Intervene.
  • 3 types of metrics that an organization will need to collect to support CSI activities as well other activities are Technology Metrics (Components), Service Metrics (End-To-End Service) and the Process Metrics (process KPIs etc.)
  • Baselines are essential to be used as reference points for later comparison: Configuration baseline, Performance Baseline and Service Level Achievement Baselines are some of the examples. Baselines must be established at each level: strategicgoals, and objectives, tactical process maturity and operationalmetrics and KPIs.
2) The 7 Step Improvement Process:
Based on the Deming’s PDCA cycle, the 7 Step Improvement Process is a structured approach for improvements to IT services and ITSM processes.
Points to remember: 
  • This Diagram of the 7 Step Improvement Process:
  • The 6 Phase CSI Model is another improvement opportunity in CSI.

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