I am working for a Leading Training / Consulting Service Provider Organization expanding rapidly. The organization is being on the look out for opportunities to create value to customers. My role is to facilitate the goal, even if it is an enjoyable and fun thing to do.

My Story

One of the key focus of our training will be to ensure that the knowledge and skills acquired by your employees, impact directly on improving/implementing your organizational goals. Those would include (but not limited to),
1. Better interactions with the Customers and understanding the Business priorities
2. Improved Capabilities
3. Optimization of resources
4. Improved efficiencies through the Implementation of tools and technologies (or automation)
5. Delivering specific improvement goals for the department and organization
6. Defining and implementing Organization-wide processes and standards
These are in addition to adding individual value to the person (certification/growth).


 Team Management



Business Analysis


IT Management

Service Management

Artificial Intelligence

Block Chain and CrypoCurrencis




Chief Profit Officer

4P Advisory Services

At 4P Advisory Services, our goal is to enable Organizations- large, medium and small – to deliver more value to their Customers and share holders, well beyond their investments



Business Relationship Manager

4P TechServices India

4P TechServices is a second rung IT Services Company, supporting several technologies, services and processes, directly contributing to the bottom lines of the client organizations.




Reliance Communication

Improved the working of the Operation Teams by defining the Customer requirements and expectations more specifically through revision of Service level Agreements
Process Management accountability throughout the Operations’ team of 225+ members.

Next Steps…

This is should be a prospective customer’s number one call to action, e.g., requesting a quote or perusing your product catalog.

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